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Lynx Equity buys small and medium-sized businesses from owners looking to retire. With our buy-and-hold strategy in mind, we seek to acquire businesses with long track records of stability in industries that will continue to thrive. Explore our portfolio of businesses in North America, Denmark and the UK.


Turning your Goals into Reality

Whether you’re a business owner looking to sell or an investor looking for stable returns, our team welcomes the opportunity to discuss what we have to offer.

G&W and Lynx: Epitomizing Teamwork & Evolution

G&W and Lynx: Epitomizing Teamwork & Evolution

“You have to fly the airplane and build it at the same time,” commented Steve Woodman, President of G&W Commercial Interiors (the “Company” or “G&W”). In a service-based business environment, constant evolution is prevalent. During the Fall of 2021, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Steve to discuss life at G&W four and […]