Building a Diversified Portfolio of 53 SMEs

July 4, 2022

"My first deal was a fraud and I’ve never experienced people like that," shared Brad. "I got my Harvard education during my first deal. Fast forward, we’re at 53 companies with over 60 deals because we’ve integrated some of them into others. If everything goes well by the end of the fiscal year, we’ll be close to $600M in revenue and $51M in EBITDA."

What does it take to build a diversified portfolio of 53 SMEs, doing over $600m in revenue and $53M in EBITDA? On this episode of the Buy and Build Podcast, Lynx President Brad Nathan joined Paul Quirk to discuss his journey building a portfolio of 53 companies, why he only acquires 100% of any company, how Lynx structures its deals to mitigate risk, and so much more.

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