PartnerService lands a contract with a large Swedish furniture chain: IKEA

January 10, 2023

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That orderliness on all parameters pays off has become clear to the service company PartnerService. Based on a fixed cleaning and window polishing agreement for a department store in Aarhus, the agreement is now being extended to include the entire Danish part of the department store group from mid-January 2023.

Lone Ranum, CEO of PartnerService, is happy and proud on behalf of her workplace. As of January 16, 2023, PartnerService will be responsible for the cleaning and window polishing of IKEA in Gentofte, Taastrup, Aalborg, Aarhus, Odense, as well as the new warehouse at Kalvebod Brygge - when it is finished. In addition to the warehouses, PartnerService willalso manage the cleaning and window polishing of the chain's logistics center in Hedehusene, and the chain's two planning studios on Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen and on Bryggen in Vejle. In total, the new contract covers the cleaning of 156,000 m2. The contract can, if options for extensions are exercised, run until 2029.

"We are already cleaning the department store in Aarhus, and we will be able to spread our experience from here to the other locations around the country. We have, among other things, a collaboration with the department store in Aarhus implemented Tork Vision Cleaning, which is a digital solution that identifies the service needs of the toilets and thus strengthens hygiene and improves the quality of the cleaning," says Lone Ranum.

"We are very proud that we have been chosen as their permanent business partner. The agreement means that we can continue good cooperation with the department store in Aarhus and at the same time, we are happy that we will now also cooperate with the rest of the Danish group. We are already in full swing with the preparations," says Lone Ranum.

Common sense, social responsibility and global goals

The Swedish furniture chain and PartnerService share the same values ​​and conviction for the good and sustainable life. Therefore, the conclusion of the agreement for Lone Ranum expresses the perfect match between the companies.

"We mirror each other in many different ways. For example, in the integrity of the way we do business, in the way we embrace diversity, and in our ambitions to make a positive difference. We also share a view on social responsibility, and we focus on quality, sustainability and innovation in each of our respective areas and areas of expertise," says Lone Ranum.

"At PartnerService, CSR is of crucial importance, because we want to protect our society and environment. We therefore constantly strive to improve all our activities, both for our surroundings, customers and our employees. We see ethical responsibility as a natural part of our daily business. We also want to be an attractive workplace that all our employees are proud to be a part of and that our customers can be proud to have as a supplier," says Lone Ranum.

"We also help people who are unemployed or have difficulties entering the labor market into jobs. We have an agreement with 3F – we want the best for our employees, because they are the decisive piece for us to deliver the service we want. That is why we are very focused on ensuring that all our employees thrive and are employed under decent conditions. In the same way, we have actively chosen green and sustainable quality products in our task solution, so that they neither harm the people who have to work with them on a daily basis nor the people who permanently work in the environments we provide service to. In addition, the use of smart technology such as Tork Vision Cleaning, which creates an overview through computer-controlled cleaning. It's real-time data that identifies where and when cleaning is needed, and the solution thus contributes to optimizing resources and creating a basis for effective cleaning for the benefit of everyone - it's all common sense," says Lone Ranum.

PartnerService is a nationwide service company that offers tailor-made solutions for both small and large companies on e.g. commercial cleaning, window polishing, special cleaning including height cleaning and much more.

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