Lynx Equity Limited is a Canadian-based manager of private equity funds. Lynx Equity blends a proven track record in identifying and building value in a diversified portfolio of companies based primarily in Ontario, Canada with a market niche that allows us to structure the most favourable transactions. Lynx Equity seeks to pursue investments in mid-market companies with the goal of building value through opportunistic acquisitions, strategic leadership and the timely use of financial expertise.


Lynx Equity finances its capital requirements through the issuance of high-yield debentures to qualified Canadian investors. Investors enter into loan agreements with Lynx Equity for periods of 1-5 years. The loans pay monthly interest through a series of post-dated cheques provided to lenders when they enter into their agreement. Unlike traditional corporate finance in which loans are made between an individual company and investor, Lynx loans are guaranteed by all of the portfolio companies of Lynx Equity, thereby providing significant diversification in risk.