Andy Riggs,

With the planned retirement of our major shareholders, Label Express was looking for a good home for the business where its core strengths would be valued and retained. The packaging sector in Europe has seen many privately owned print businesses purchased and swallowed by larger packaging PLCs. These acquisitions tend to result in the loss of business and customers, a good example being Essentra in Europe where the impact of this consolidation has been disastrous, ruining several good businesses. We were aware of the downfalls of the process and were keen to ensure that the business retained its identity of ‘express lead times’ with market leading quality. Throughout the process with Lynx, the approach was totally different from some of the more adversarial approaches. Our view was that there had to be chemistry and a rapport. In the early days of meeting the Lynx team, we were pleasantly surprised by the honesty throughout process and their ability to understand our business. This carried on throughout the process and has continued post sale.

- Andy Riggs, Managing Director, Label Express
Soren Iversen,

In 2018, we decided to sell our company in Denmark; a small business with 10 employees. We soon found out that Lynx was a serious and competent buyer, and the deal was closed in May 2019. Lynx has kept its word on all promises, and continues to be a loyal partner since the takeover. We are very satisfied with the way things are running; the help and support from Lynx together with the freedom of still running the company as we think its most advantageous in our business.

- Soren Iversen, President, Sundby Trapper
Stewart Spong,

I never felt I would stay on and continue running the company but lynx made it so worth it. During the due diligence and purchase phase, Lynx was very understanding, thoughtful and professional. And it’s still true to this day [(9 years later)].  I feel we share the same goals and part of family and not so much a large corporation.

- Stewart Spong, Founder & President, All Systems Go

From Lynx’s first visit through to the signed purchase and sales agreement our experience dealing with Lynx was very positive and professional.  We were both working towards the same goal of making a smooth and successful transition to ensure the long-term future of our organization.  Since the sale we are now happy to be part of the Lynx family of companies.

- Rick Bulmann, President, Correct Mold
Mario Zelaya,

If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m happy to call Lynx Equity my home.  Their supportive team keeps me energized, happy, motivated and stress-free.  Of all the opportunities I had to sell my business, none came close to what Lynx had to offer.

- Mario Zelaya, Founder, Majestic Media

As a life long employee at Austin Graphics, (36 yrs) Lynx Equity was the 5th aquisition I had been through
with our print company. Four owners, three name changes and one merger. With each passing of the torch a different mindset would reign with their ideas and grandeurs of what the company would be. Some for the better, some not so much. My initial meeting with Brad Nathan and Marvin Pludwinski was what I thought to be another “oh yay – here we go…” The old saying of the word ‘assume’ would be a good analogy, as my 10+ years with Succession/Lynx Equity has been nothing of what I assumed.  They have put great faith and trust in me from date of purchase, they have supported me in all our ups and downs. My life has been much richer from the day I met Brad & Marvin both. I have been given opportunity, education and  yes some frustrations, life’s not perfect. I am extremely fortunate to say I don’t work for Lynx, I work with Lynx, an extended friendship, and an extended family.

- Helen Misener, President, Austin Graphics
Jim Wood,

The best business decision I ever made was to start Maverick Express from the ground up.  The second best business decision was to sell my company to Lynx Equity.  After running Maverick Express successfully for over 15 years, my wife and I came to the conclusion that we really didn’t have a solid succession plan.  While she was ready to retire, I really wasn’t and our kids did not want to engage in the family business.  We talked to many “tire kickers” over the space of about three years and then we discovered Lynx (or they discovered us … not exactly sure).  Anyway, our discussions with Lynx were always positive, respectful and honest. Our deal was negotiated and closed within a reasonable time and that was over two years ago.  I have stayed with the Company and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  My office staff was also retained and the morale remains very high. I would recommend Lynx to any business owner that wants to “take some of his chips off the table” but still stay engaged and nurture his legacy.

- Jim Wood, Founder & President, Maverick Express

I did a lot of preparatory work to prepare the company for sale such as training my successor for approximately 3 years and having him gradually take over more and more of the running of the company plus preparing a series of historical documents of the company and a 5 year forecast of expected future finances. When Lynx approached me to purchase Southwest we were able to give them a lot of financial data quickly and we got of to a good start with each other. Lynx acted very professionally from the start and were an easy organization to work with. From the first contact to completion of the purchase was approximately 3 months so the due diligence process was handled very promptly by Lynx as the two companies were in almost daily contact for most of this period. The purchase price paid by Lynx was a fair amount to both me and Lynx and the progressive payments have been made promptly so as a seller I am fully satisfied with the decision to sell the company to Lynx. I am also very satisfied with the progress of the company under the ownership of Lynx and the opportunity given to my son Philip as General Manager of the operations justifying to me the work he and I did with his training prior to the Lynx purchase.

- Ted Hughes, Founder, Southwest Energy Control Systems
Robb Siegenthaler,

I sold my company to Lynx in April 2014. Prior to the sale I had other offers, but either the price or terms were wrong or the people making the offer were the wrong fit for the company. Lynx/Succession met all my criteria and I really liked the people. Everything they promised has been accomplished in a professional manner. My company remains intact just as it was before the sale. Personnel, systems, etc. remain in place and they let us run the company as before.  Their honesty and integrity permeates from the top and all the way through Lynx including their associates.

- Robb Siegenthaler, Founder, Floor Solutions
Barbara McCambridge,

Every person we’ve worked with at Lynx Equity has been friendly, responsive and wonderful to do business with.

- Barbara McCambridge, Founder, Sienna Sky

The process of selling my company to Lynx Equity Group was a straightforward and smooth one. During a period of time that could have proved most challenging, the Lynx team provided assurance and support. The representatives were very thorough and well organized in their performance of due diligence and were always easy to talk to and work with. They asked smart questions and sought out pertinent information, which made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. The Lynx team showed that they cared about the legacy and well being of my business, as well as maintaining and caring for my employees into the future.

- Steve Sherman, Former President, H.J. Sherman Company
Terry West,

Since this was our first experience selling a business, we had no real expectations of how the process would unfold. However, it became quite clear during the LOI negotiations that Lynx had a plan, and was very transparent about the plan, including the expectations of each party. The process of due diligence through the final purchase was finished in a timely manner. Although it was an incredibly detailed process the communication and professionalism enabled us to complete the sale with Lynx and foster what we believe will be a long-term mutually beneficial transaction.

- Terry West, Former Owner and President, Wine Valley Siding Supply

I was actually enjoying an extended period of real profits after the LONG 15 year climb up Mt. Entrepreneur- The Dream! I was starting to “salt it away” with no immediate need or desire to sell…. I would even think. What’s the point? Just keep on doing what you like in a kind of semi-retirement mode. But as time went on the problem I was being forced to come to grips with by close friends and family was, “What If Something Happens To Me!”…What kind of mess will my wife, children, and long service employees, who invested their working careers in making my Company successful, are facing? My trusted, experienced friend is saying,”hey, I will step in to help run the Company until it can be sold which by the way will be difficult and under-valued without you to say nothing of the conflicts with family and customers. Also the fact is I am almost as old as you and not looking forward to a forced re-entry into the manufacturing business world again!After outlining all the common sense reasons for looking for a suitable Broker and getting on with the process…the thing that was holding me back from reaching that point of “pulling the trigger” was… I had been a Senior Executive for some of the top Canadian firms and as such had experienced and in some instances managed thru acquisitions and take-overs so I was familiar with all the downsides and very few upsides. In most cases I was the on the Acquiring Side or the Winning Team so to speak and always felt the whole process was flawed and degrading to the Sellers who were passionately trying to justify their value. Well for me that day came over lunch with someone who had approached me years before right after the Great Collapse of 08. He was low key, no pressure and assured me the process would be slow and mutually compatible where I directed “all” the plays and had sign off before he would proceed. Because my major customer base was extremely well known and we had become a predominate supplier for the sourcing and manufacture of their key components, they of course were concerned and increasing the pressure about succession planning and the future management structure of my Company and who could blame them! In the end it came down to… do I just carry on making money and hope another major downturn doesn’t beat me to the door of financial security…if that happened in my business it usually meant four to five years to get back to the same place again (which realistically I didn’t have) or try to find a buyer who would give me in writing (legally binding) the 3 things I needed: –

–          The ability to run the Company for an extended period of time with a” business as usual” approach thereby not upsetting key employees and customers.

–          Find and collaborative and supportive Buyer who will add to the acquisition not detract from it by forcing divestiture and inappropriate staff, etc.

–          A fair and timely financial settlement, which respects the value added by the Principle.

 Naturally I thought based on my experiences that these conditions would be almost impossible to obtain in the New Age Acquisition Theater. So I thought to keep some key people in my life happy…I would tentatively cast out a line to see what bites with low risk. After a few months of preparing the Brokers presentation and some selective fishing we began to get various bites of different sizes but each one as I expected would not meet my 3 criteria or the confidentiality would be at risk. Then one day my guy brought me the Lynx concept and pointed out that it came the closest to meeting what were nearly impossible conditions which I had insisted on…. do you want to meet with them for further discussions? Well without boring you with all the details, we have been together for almost a year (still in the honeymoon stage) and they have met all of my requirements as skeptical as I and a few close colleagues were that that could happen. Also I have met some of their needs like recruiting and training a new GM and more detailed budgeting, etc. They say what they mean and follow thru to establish a very trusting and supportive relationship. They voiced at the closing that I was the expert and they have no desire to operate my business and hope that with a collaborative and accommodating approach that should never become necessary!

- Anonymous