Merger between PartnerService Hver Gang ApS and Yding Gruppen A/S strengthens nationwide presence

February 17, 2023

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The cleaning companies PartnerService Hver Gang ApS and Yding Gruppen A/S have merged after a year and a half of close cooperation. The new company, PartnerService A/S, is now based in both Copenhagen and Aarhus and offers nationwide service.

Director Lone Ranum says that the purpose of the merger is to create an even stronger company through stable collaborations and that the integration between the two companies has been extremely successful. Together, we have managed to expand our position on the market, increase our flexibility and strengthen our presence. The merger has created even greater value for customers, and Lone Ranum looks forward to a fantastic future for PartnerService A/S.

PartnerService A/S also continues to focus on good working conditions, and it is crucial for us that our employees thrive and feel part of a professional and decent community that cherishes difference, diversity and social responsibility. We continue our collective agreement with 3F , which ensures and guarantees that all our employees work under proper working and pay conditions, holidays, sick days and much more - every single day.

The new PartnerService A/S will continue to take pride in living up to the requirements of the Service Standard, which means that our customers can be sure that financial certificates, quality levels, environmental considerations, working environment, personnel conditions, training and any subcontractors. Dansk Standard continuously checks that we comply with all requirements in the Service Standard. It will continue to be a matter of honor for us - for the sake of our employees, customers and the environment.

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