Obel-P Presents its New & Efficient HF Press

October 12, 2022

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Presses in XXL: The latest HF glued laminated timber press has a press bed of 10,500 mm length.

"A well-known Austrian glued laminated timber manufacturer will renew its high-frequency presses - this time it's our turn," said Markus Hofmann, Obel-P's Sales Manager, at the wood fair in Klagenfurt. The system with a press length of up to 6.9m is said to be one of the most effective on the market, which is the main selling point. “Where the glue already hardened, we also shut down the system. In other words, the energy only goes where it's needed. That's why the system is very energy-efficient," Hofman explained. The press closes as fast; "16 seconds is enough", emphasized Hoffmann.

Obel-P has been producing presses and high-frequency generators for the wood processing industry for over 60 years. The product portfolio ranges from small, manual ones to presses and complete production systems, to special machines that are manufactured based on customer specifications.

BSH press system with a press length of 6900 mm and 200 kW output power.

The latest product development is a BSH press release a 10,500 mm long press bed. Offer in the glued wood area the Danes, among other things, BSH/BSP combination presses with high-frequency technology for panels up to 1.6 m wide. The maximum top pressure is over 1.1 N/mm2 HF output power is estimated at 200 kW. Obel-P offers CLT manufacturers sophisticated solutions.

Developed as a further product for cross-laminated timber production Obel-P a hotmelt composer for cross layers. Hotmelt is used in Combination applied with white glue. With short lengths, the system capacity is with 100 slats and with long elements (3.5 m). 50 slats per minute. Unlike standard presses, the Slats not cycled here, but continuously with up to 20 m/ min passed through the press. A downstream saw separates the panels to the required dimensions.

The Company offers for the connection of finished CLT elements a HF general tine press. This connects individual panels with the help of melamine resin and almost 3 N/ mm2 pressure in a short time Time for fully cured, large-area elements.

Hot Melt Composer for CLT core layers, 100 lamellas per minute.

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