Succession Capital Inc., a subsidiary of Lynx Equity Limited, is pleased to announce the acquisition of United Fastener Inc.

March 28, 2014

San Diego – March 28, 2014 – Succession Capital Inc., a subsidiary of Lynx Equity Limited, announced today the acquisition of San Diego, California based United Fastener Inc. For over fifty years, United Fastener has been providing its retail and wholesale clients, ranging from general construction and sheet metal contractors to trucking and signage companies, with fasteners and related products. With its seasoned staff having nearly 100 years of combined industry experience, and extensive inventory of over 20,000 SKUs, United Fastener has the ability to ensure that it will fulfill almost every product or service need and is well positioned for continued success. “United Fastener immediately appealed to us because of the quality of their team, something that Succession Capital deeply values. They’ve successfully served San Diego since the 1960s. That level of stability is only possible when you prioritize customers and provide good service. We look to continue that for another fifty years to come,” commented Succession Capital’s Managing Partner, Nathaniel Broughton.

With increased capital availability, Lynx has been dedicating some of its acquisition focus to companies throughout the United States. In conjunction with this transaction, Lynx announces the creation of its U.S. subsidiary, Succession Capital Inc. “Succession Capital looks forward to building on the success and experience of the Lynx Equity model and continuing to pursue acquisitions throughout the United States,” said Brad Nathan, President of Lynx Equity and Succession Capital. United Fastener is Lynx Equity and Succession Capital’s 8th combined acquisition in 2014, increasing total revenues to over $160 million. Further information will be released shortly about new offices opening in the United States and Canada.

About United Fastener

Founded in 1964, United Fastener is a retailer and wholesaler of fasteners and related products based in San Diego, California. With an established reputation for providing its customers with high quality merchandise and exceptional service, United Fastener can be relied-upon for its excellent pricing, extensive product selection and specialization in providing hard-to-find fasteners without restrictive order minimums.

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About Succession Capital

Succession Capital LLC, a subsidiary of Lynx Equity Limited, is a diversified private equity firm focusing on acquiring small and medium-sized businesses from owners looking to retire. Succession targets transactions between $2 million and $8 million and utilizes a buy and hold strategy.
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